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Our Services

  • Tender and Bidding Process Management

PT Putra Bersatu Multikarya provides experienced team to assist both Private and Goverment in managing tender – procurement and bidding process management which includes develop procurement strategies, prepare specifications, prepare tender document, ensure legal compliance, select appropriate bids, evaluate commercial offers and due diligence.

  • Design and Detailed Engineering

In collaboration with XRG Technologies USA, PT Putra Bersatu Multikarya also develops conceptual layout in the project’s study phase which is delivered on detailed design and construction drawings for the entire plant, process, and operating facilities for power plant and refineries. Designers and engineers from various disciplines work closely to coordinate multi – disciplinary design support, use the latest set of software to model system integration and develop the image of construction.

  • Energy and Combustion System

PT Putra Bersatu Multikarya Energy & Combustion Team consists of experienced professionals who focus on energy audits and combustion systems. Our team also helps customers during commissioning of the burner and combustion tuning to achieve optimum combustion results.

  • Operation and Maintenance Skill Development

Our team will help operators and engineers improve their ability to operate plants properly, evaluate Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), improve their ability to analyze every problem occurs on site and provide solutions to solve them quickly and accurately.